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Students Office BEFPS

The BEFPS (Bureau Etudiant) is a student association that groups together delegates and volunteers. It represents all students from the Faculty.

The BEFPS keeps you informed and organizes many activities, which may be of interest to you. Its main goal is to facilitate and improve students’ lives: syllabi sale; mentoring, organization of the Job Day, conferences, graduation ceremony, and many other activities.

The BEFPS represents you and defends your interests. The delegates seat at the various levels of the university and defend your interests in the Administrative Council of the ULB, the Faculty Council, or the Department Councils. Delegates are also your intermediary to reach the academic staff, for example in case of problem or conflict, in all anonymity


The "Cercle des étudiant en Sciences politiques et sociales"

The CPS stands for "Cercle des étudiants en sciences politiques et sociales". It organizes social events (like the annual 'Bal jaune'). Through  events like TDs and the Saint-V, the CPS livens up the folkloric life of the Departments of tsocial a,d political sciences and of their students. Finally, sport activities are organized by the CPS (an annual skiing week and role playing games).

Website of the CPS


The Political Student Organizations

Le cercle Attac-ULB

Le Cercle des Etudiants Libéraux

Le cercle Comac-ULB

Le Groupe Ecolo-ULB

Le cercle des Etudiants de Gauche Actifs de l’ULB (EGA-ULB)

Le cercle des Etudiants Socialistes (ES)


The "Cercle du Libre Examen"

The Cercle du Libre Examen was founded at the ULB in 1928. It includes students from all faculties of the ULB, with different political and social backgrounds. They are all united by the wish to participate actively in university life and by the belief that university is a place in which they can engage politically and socially. This belief results in a critical outlook, in the hope to explore and to examine various points of view, different ways of thinking and living. Consequently, the Cercle does not defend or promote any ideology but tries to analyze them all in a critical way.

The Cercle's wish and belief come to life through many debates organized all year-round on various issues such as the war in Iraq, extreme-right wing parties, euthanasia, gay rights, etc. For each debate the Cercle du Libre Examen invites politicians, journalists, philosophers, and other personalities to discuss the topic.