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Les villes européennes connaissent depuis plusieurs décennies des transformations majeures qui aboutissent à une restructuration des hiérarchies spatiales, des territorialités, des ségrégations, mais aussi des identités et des pratiques des populations urbaines. Cet ouvrage met en évidence les enjeux généraux des espaces urbains contemporains à partir du cas bruxellois. Bruxelles n'est-elle plus qu'une juxtaposition de processus, de dynamiques, de groupes et d'acteurs différenciés ?

Jean-Frédéric MORIN, Amandine ORSINI, Presses de Sciences Po, Collection Les Manuels de Sciences Po, 2015

Special Issue of the International Political Science Review “Euroscepticism: from the Margins to the Mainstream”

This book explores the dynamic interplay between cross-national and cross-cultural patterns of female migration, integration and social change, by focusing on the specific case of Belgium. It provides insight into the dynamic interplay between gender and migration, and especially contributes to the knowledge of how migration changes gender relations in Belgium, as well as in the regions of origin. To this end, an analytical model for conducting gender-sensitive migration research is developed out of an initial theory-driven conceptual model. The researchers reveal similarities and differences across national backgrounds, disclosing the underlying, more "universal" gender dynamics.

This book presents the findings of the first ever survey of the religious preferences of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). An international research team interviewed a large sample of MEPs, with the purpose of investigating their beliefs and how these beliefs have an impact on their role as MEPs.

This book engages with the debate over the significance and future of political parties as membership organisations and presents the first broad comparative analysis of party membership and activism. It is based on membership surveys which have been administered, gathered and collated by a group of prominent party scholars from across Europe, Canada and Israel. Utilizing this rich data source together with the insights of party scholars, the book investigates what party membership means in advanced industrial democracies. In doing so, it provides a clearer picture of who joins political parties, why they do it, the character of their political activism, how they engage with their parties, and what opinions they hold.

MORIN JF, NOVOTNA T., PONJAERT F. & Telò M. (eds), Ashgate, Globalisation, Europe, Multilateralism series, 2015, 256p.

Revue éditée par le Centre METICES de l'Université libre de Bruxelles. 


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