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Commodification of Body Parts in the Global South.
Transnational Inequalities and Development Challenges

World Heritage on the Ground. Ethnographic perspectives

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Outiller les parcours professionnels. Quand les dispositifs publics se mettent en action.

Elena AOUN & Thierry KELLNER, ESKA, Monde Chinois, Nouvelle Asie n° 44, 2016, pp. 50-67

Généalogie du scepticisme démocratique

In this study, an international and multidisciplinary team take stock of the promise and shortfalls of 'Social Europe' today, examining the response to the Eurocrisis, the past decade of social policy in the image of the Lisbon Agenda, and the politics that derailed a more Delorsian Europe from ever emerging.

Making use of a unique data set that includes more than 1000 leadership elections from over 100 parties in 14 countries over an almost 50 year period, this volume provides the first comprehensive, comparative examination of how parties choose their leaders and the impact of the different decisions they make in this regard.

One of the key shifts in contemporary politics is the trend towards greater personalization. Collective actors such as political parties are losing relevance. Citizens are slowly dealigning from these actors, and individual politicians are therefore growing in importance in elections, in government, within parties, and in media reporting of politics.


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