Incoming students

Welcome on the student mobility page of the Faculty of Philosophy and social Sciences! These pages have been drafted in order to answer most of the exchange students’ questions. However, should you not find the requested information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels!

Studying in the capital of Europe: a unique experience in a unique place!

Choose to make your exchange in Brussels is choosing to study in a very international city, a city that welcomes not only the European institutions but also NATO, many multinational companies, media outlets and organizations not -governmental.
Did you know that in terms of international conferences, Brussels is the third largest city in the world? Being both the capital of Belgium and capital of Europe, Brussels is a totally cosmopolitan city with a long tradition of mixing cultures. Despite this, Brussels remains a human-sized city and a city in which to live, thanks to its many green spaces.
Studying in Brussels will give you the opportunity to experience a cultural life and exciting nights with its many museums, restaurants, bars,... but also to travel through Europe. Thanks to the TGV, Brussels is not in effect until 1:15 of Paris, 2 hours from London.

Choose to perform your trade at the Université libre de Bruxelles, is choosing to study in the best universities of Europe (the university has 11 faculties), in one of the more international too. Did you know that nearly 30% of the student population of the ULB is not of Belgian nationality? The Université "libre" de Bruxelles, founded in 1934, is a university that has witnessed throughout its history its independent spirit, faithful to the principle that it is chosen: the "free inquiry" registered Article 1 of its statutes. The "free exam" posits, in any matter, rejecting the argument of authority and student's independence of judgment.

Choose to make its exchange within our Faculty is to choose to study in one of the faculties of the ULB account that a large number of regular students and student exchange.

The Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences has four departments: Philosophy, Ethics, Religious Studies and secularismPolitical scienceSocial Science and Work ScienceHistory, art and archeology. As an exchange student, you will then have access to the teachings of many disciplines. We therefore hope that you will find here something to satisfy your expectations in terms of learning, discovery, meetings, and your experience in our institution will be part of your memories!
Looking forward to welcoming you in Brussels in our University and Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences!

Student mobility team